Month: November 2013

Multi-Media Letters (Week 2)

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photo 5
Multi-Media Letters

My eyes tired from hours of staring at the computer. My neck and shoulders tensed. Work.

So, when my task was done, I decided to reward myself with some creativity. It’s amazing how, when my spirit and mind are at work to create something tangible, I am lifted up, more grateful, less depressed, and can enjoy my focus on healthy things. Christmas is near, so right now I’m applying my creativity toward gifts for friends and family. Today’s craft: Multi-Media Letters. Who will be receiving these? My best friend’s infant twins, Sam & Jack.

I’d love to share my process with you. This was my first time making something like this. I’m pleased with the outcome, but as I worked with each letter, I found that there are many ways to accomplish this look. You may find yet another way, too!

Materials: paper craft letters, craft glue, craft paint, paint brushes, cutting tool, decorative paper, & patience!photo 1

Step 1: Purchase 3-D paper letters. I got these at a local paper supply & stationary store, but they are available at photo 2major art store chains.

Step 2: Paint portion of letters. I chose to paint only half-way on each letter and will cover the unpainted areas with decorative paper. Allow paint to dry completely. {I chose colors that will compliment the boys’ (Sam & Jack) nursery.}

Step 3: Select decorative paper to cover unpainted areas. {I photo 3chose pages from a used copy of Peter Rabbit, appropriate for a gift for young ones!} Cut papers to fit letters.

Two methods can be adopted here: A) Cut paper with enough overhang to paste over sides (as shown in photo) Last pieces will be cut exactly to size to cover the overhang. B) Cut paper exactly to size and paste to each side (note: there won’t be as clean an edge due to no overlap on edges, but the work is quicker.)new quad

Step 4: Using craft glue, adhere paper to unpainted surfaces. Use bone folder to make surfaces smooth.

Done & done! These will make an fun, personalized addition to anyone’s bookshelf or wall!photo 5


Paper Book Star Ornament (Week 1)

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My eyes float over the assortment. My hands move in, and the uplift begins. Folding the paper. Like leaves. Fingers tacky with glue. Binding two together to make one new whole. Paper is poetry to me.

Paper Book Star Ornaments
Paper Book Star Ornaments

Book making is a special love of mine, so when a program friend (Tina, you know who you are!) showed me a new craft that combines books and origami…I was in. Using simple materials, these Paper Book Star Ornaments make wonderful gifts in minutes. Let’s get our hands moving.

Materials for 1 ornament:

  • Cutting tool (Exacto or precision box cutter)
  • Glue
  • Thin string/ribbon approx. 18-in in length
  • Matte board (two 1.5-inch squares)
  • Decorative paper (just enough to cover matte board squares)
  • Paper for interior of star (five 3-inch squares)
  • Button or like item (through which string/ribbon can slide)

Making the ornament step-by-step:

1 & 2
1 & 2

1. From scrap matte board, cut two 1.5-inch squares.
2. Choose paper for interior of ornament, cut into five 3-inch squares. (Tip: choose paper that is sturdy enough to be glued & folded)
3. Fold 3-inch paper squares using 3-step fold: a) fold on diagonal, b) fold in half horizontally, c) fold in half vertically. (Tip: press firmly on folds to ensure tightness.) Pinch together center point of square, creating a smaller folded square.


4. Glue together the folded squares, matching pinched corners & openings. Glue each square, leaving end squares unglued.

5. Choose decorative paper for exterior of ornament. Should be slightly larger in size than matte board squares (enough to fold over sides). Glue matte board to center, trimming corners for cleaner edge.

5 & 6

6. Cut length of string/ribbon approx. 18 inches long.

7 & 8

7. Press together glued squares, and glue string/ribbon diagonally across,  matching open ends of string at open ends of fold. (Tip: String should loosely cross closed points of paper squares.)
8. Taking covered matte board squares, glue string side of interior squares to inside of covered matte board.

9 & 10

9. Slide ends of string through hole(s) of button/charm. Knot end of strings.
10. End product has two appearances. Slide button to lock in book shape. Or, bring matte board pieces back to back and slide button to lock in star shape. Voila!