Month: January 2014

State Silhouette Pillow (Week 11)

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3I was shopping in a local shop a few days ago and saw a great craft to try at home. What I saw was a simple throw pillow with a fabric state silhouette on the front. Adorable & what a great, personalized gift idea.

So, I had an old pillow insert at home, all I needed was the fabric. I decided it might be fun to reuse rather than buy new, so I visited Goodwill and found 2 men’s shirts on the sale rack. I used these 2 patterns for the pillow cover and the state silhouette. I recommend using a sewing machine for best finish, I sewed this by hand…as you’ll definitely see! ūüėČ

Materials: 2 pcs of fabric (use different prints/colors for the best distinction); needle, thread, scissors; pillow insert; small pc of additional fabric (optional); NOTE: use sewing machine for best results

The process:



I created my home state of Tennessee and added a fun felt heart in the spot of my city: Nashville. This was a fun project, easy to execute. I’m definitely going to make more fun, personalized pillows. PILLOW FIGHT!


Furniture Rehab, After (Week 10)

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20140120-222432.jpgMy grandmother is the inspiration for many of my passions. Reading, creative writing, simplicity, and so much more. I still grieve deeply that she died when I was 12 years old. Her legacy of living truthfully and trusting with love is one I aspire to.

I have a few treasures of hers that I received after her passing: a kitchen spoon, mixing bowl, small wooden desk, a sewn cross, worn books, a lovely crucifix. Recently, I was given a wooden side table that belonged in her home. After some passing around within my family, it came to me with some new stains. I know she would smile at my desire to use this in my home. Even more, it would give her great joy to see where I want to use this table…a baby’s nursery. Painting furniture seems like a strange and lighthearted way to show it, but recovery has given me the hope & clarity that has eluded me for nearly 10 years. Today, I am joyful, excited, and leaning in to this new chapter in my recovery life: to become a mother. Today, I am proclaiming powerlessness as I try to get pregnant, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you, nursery DIY decor and all ūüėČ

Materials: Power sander (or sandpaper), as needed to smooth out/remove stains and discoloration; Stain and Paint; painter’s tape, Paintbrush(es); Paper towels.

The Process:


Furniture Rehab, Before (Week 9)

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20140119-014610.jpgWhat a full week! I attended my first 12-Step International Convention & was able to serve in a few capacities. “Giving away” what I’ve been “given.” It was a whirlwind and the best word I can use to describe how I felt: saturated. Full. Feeling. Fatigued. But more than Fine. Without the time to complete a creative project, I found some inspiration to revamp an inherited piece of furniture. Smeared with some spots & stains, this table is aching for a little TLC. Inspiration this week, execution next. The plan: pickling stain & paint design. I’m excited to see (& show you) how this turns out.

3-D Greeting Card (Week 8)

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card final¬†Joyful to report that, 8 weeks into my challenge to create something weekly¬†for a year, I’m still finding creativity to be a salve to my spinning soul!

I received a greeting card from my sister this week, it was so simple and sweet…and I fell in love. The simple folded card had a raised embellishment on the front, raised simply by some foam core. I decided I’d give making my own “3-D Greeting Card” a go using my own materials. Have fun!

card 1

Materials: image to use on front of card, cardstock for card, cutting tool, glue, matte board or foam core, extra cardstock as needed

First Steps: Choose a fun image for the front of your card. Cut out. If your image isn’t printed on sturdy paper (like cardstock), you may want to¬†adhere to extra cardstock to ensure less arcing/bending.

card 2

Next Steps: Once you choose your cardstock paper for making the card, determine size by¬†measuring the¬†envelope you plan to include with the card. [Optional: Since I’m making a congratulatory card,¬†I added a small piece of cardstock with “Congrats” to front of card.]

Last Steps: Determine placement of image on front of card. In spot that will be hidden, add a small piece (or two) of matte board or foam core to give raised look to your image. Adhere matte board to card, then adhere image to matte board.

Et Voila, happy mailing!

Program Book Cover (Week 7)

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20140104-183433.jpgFor me, recovery literature has been a life raft in stormy seas. The rungs in the only ladder I could sometimes find. I have accumulated many books & workbooks that speak to my recovery journey…they decorate my bedside table, they rest on the kitchen counter, they accompany me in the car. But with no family or friends aware of my recovery, I often find myself doing program lit checks when someone’s coming over or a family member needs to borrow my car. My recovery is not something I want to keep under a bushel forever, but for now, this is part of my story. And program literature isn’t going anywhere ANYtime soon! This week, my creative project offers me some relief in this as well as an artful outlet: Recovery Program Book Cover! Now, my program literature can sit conveniently (& sit pretty!) by my purse in the kitchen!

Materials: card stock or sturdy paper, decorative paper for interior, material for binding (optional for decoration), bone folder, glue &/or spray adhesive, cutting tool, ruler, protective coat spray (optional)


See photos for my step by step process: