Month: March 2014

Furniture Rehab (Week 19)

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ImageAdd one exhaustive search (for the perfect piece of furniture) and one exhausting week…and, for me, ImageI get a speedy furniture rehab! My husband and I have been looking for months for the perfect small wooden cabinet for our kitchen. After MUCH searching, we finally came upon the right match…but with some scratches and worn finish, I decided a little furniture rehab was in order!

Materials: paint (satin finish), paint brush, sandpaper, clear coat protective finish.

I really enjoyed the quick work of a thin coat of paint to transform this cabinet!



Springing Spring (Week 18)

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ImageAt last, spring is here. My body is ready for it. Of course, being Tennessee, we’ll be dipping back below freezing in a few days…and a few more times before spring sticks. But I’m enjoying each sunny day above 60. Since moving to a new home last September, I’m still excited to experience how each season shows up. Tonight, I spied newly opened buds on a mystery tree in my front yard. Now, thanks to spring, I discover I now have a Bradford Pear!

This week’s creative project:

Capturing my new tree–street lights illuminating its firework spray of blossoms.

What are you spying of spring this week?

Chalk Paint Labels (Week 17)

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Thicanisterss week I am feeling the deep rewards of letting go of old ways of thinking. Resentment had been covering me up, and now, with some necessary letting go & giving myself permission to smile, I’m beginning to breathe. It’s not perfect, but it’s good to be here today.

This Week’s Creative Project:

Up-cycle some thrift jars & canisters with a touch of chalk paint!

I used two colors of chalk paint (black & green) and gathered some fun containers. (Thanks to Tina G. for the awesome Goodwill find, brand new multi-color canisters for 75% off!) Using fun printable stencils, I traced my label shapes with thin permanent marker. I also created a few stencils (for dog treats!), which is super fun.

Tip: With the surfaces I chose (glass, ceramic), next time I’ll create a stencil out of adhesive vinyl and use a small roller for smoother, more even label. I’ll definitely make more, & I look forward to trying new, inventive stencil shapes!


Under My Fingernails (Week 16)

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20140304-201520.jpg I have gained an immeasurable lot in my year in 12-Step recovery fellowship. This recent season has been a relatively sweet one, marked by steadiness and clarity to make and keep plans. I guess that’s why any change in direction seems all the more frustrating, emotional, next-right-step-tripping. It’s like the road looks clear, easy, set–but then I look up and realize a storm cloud has been brewing for awhile and now there’s an all-out tornado on my heels, up ahead, all around. The force of it is like a vacuum, I can barely lift my head.

Break in the weather.
With the tender guidance of my beloved program sponsor, I’m learning to call these destructive storms “resentments.” Like dirt under my nails, these resentments can be overlooked for a little while, but pretty soon, no one wants to shake my hand. I don’t want to keep isolating, remaining the victim, refusing to enter the storm shelter. So, the solution? Continuing my 4th Step work & digging deep to clean out my dark tornado alley.

This Week’s Creative Project
Speaking of weather patterns, we recently had a refreshing break in our cold, TN February temps. The sun and relative warm beckoned me outside to put to use some lonely flower pots. Now my kitchen has some new growing guests, reminding me of my own progress, not perfection. And the dirt under my nails from this creative task? Pretty easy to scrub away with a little effort 😉