Month: August 2014

What’s In a Shelf? (Week 41)

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20140827-203023-73823500.jpg I have always loved a well-stocked, balanced & interesting bookshelf. My sister is a talented potter & I have collected some lovely ceramic pieces of hers through the years. But sadly, most of these were displayed in a dark shelf in a back room. Until now!

This week’s creative project: Bookshelf Update

I wanted to add some interest to my front room book cabinet, an antique china cabinet passed on to me from my folks. So, I made some room–pulling out books we haven’t or won’t read–& carefully displayed many of my sister’s pottery pieces among the treasured titles that now remain. I’m so happy with the shelves, which now offer me a sweet view of my sister’s handiwork.


A Little “Shelf” Care (Week 40)

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photo 1(1)In the spirit of nesting (which has just started happening for me at 26 weeks pregnant), I am spending a lot of time in my baby’s nursery. For months on end there was little agreement about colors and styles, and just in the last few weeks, my husband and I have been piecing it together, and I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along.

Fast forward to this week… I found myself unexpectedly bombarded with triggers and old messages from the past. Messages that haven’t whispered in my ear in many, many months. I began to isolate from my husband, build anger and hurt feelings. Imagine a threatening future. My old routine.

After some hard honesty with my husband about my feelings, we spent some time in prayer together. I didn’t instantly feel better, I felt broken. And I still wanted to sit in my pain place and continue to isolate and hold onto the sad, scared feelings–a familiar place but one that I knew was not based in my reality today.

But despite my stubborn spirit, I put one foot in front of the other and tried the good ole 12-Step mantra, “act as if.” My husband and I began a cheerful project together for the baby’s 2(1)

This week’s creative project: Revamping an Old Shelf

Through the work, we combined our ideas, allowed each other to help, and slowly but surely, by the end of the project, I was laughing and smiling. After 20 months in recovery, I still need a push in the right direction, and often that direction generally involves pulling my feet out of the swamp and taking a muddy, baby step toward self-care and fellowship.

Changing Table Rehab (Week 39)

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photo 1Preparation for our November baby has begun. I knew some pieces for his nursery would be brand new (crib, glider chair), but I wanted to re-use (and re-create!) as much as possible. So, I began a hunt for a piece of furniture to convert into the perfect changing table. 3 months later…voila. I finally spotted it.

This week’s creative project: Changing Table Rehab

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I found an old bar at a thrift store. I knew it would be perfect…minus a wine rack and plus a little paint & hardware! It’s a perfect height, offers great storage, and was begging for some TLC. We chose a near-chalkboard-green matte paint (color-matched to a penmanship print we’re using on the nursery wall) with some light grey detail in the grooves. The hardware is from World Market and adds a whimsical flair. After some minor sanding and unscrewing, the finished product emerged. I’m really happy with it. I can’t wait to change some stinky diapers here 😉

Pillow Indulgence! (Week 38)

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My little niece is turning 3 this week! For one of her “big girl birthday” gifts, I decided to embellish a pillow for her new bedroom.

Now graduated from her crib into a twin bed, this sitting pillow will be a fun addition she can enjoy while looking at books & playing.

This week’s creative project: Pillow Embellishments

I purchased a plain pillow and added some crocheted flowers by simple needle and thread.

I doubt she’ll be as excited about this gift as others, but I hope it will serve her well as a soft comfort to scoot into 🙂

Happy Birthday, sweet Ivy. I love you so!

Baked Brie with Peach Habenero Jam (Week 37)

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This week, a friend celebrated her 33rd birthday. She is nearing the finalization of her divorce, and this birthday wasn’t feeling like much to celebrate. However, as I have come to know so well through my many months in recovery, another year come, endured, experienced (or sometimes just “survived”) is most assuredly something worth celebrating.

So my friend came over to my house for some tasty food and wine. We had a wonderful time sitting on my back porch, sharing life with each other, & yes, celebrating her.

This week’s creative project: Baked Brie with Peach Habenero Jam

Served with sliced apples and light pita crackers, this warm, savory, and sweet dish was perfect on a breezy summer night.

[The simple recipe I chose is a snap to follow. I made a few changes for taste. I love a recipe that’s hard to screw up!]