Month: October 2014

Wooden Quotation Boxes (Week 49)

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20141023-202231-73351838.jpg Making gifts for others throughout this year in “creative recovery” has been one of the greatest joys of this endeavor. Recently, a number of my dearest friends blessed me with 2 baby showers to celebrate my son, who is a true gift of my recovery. Without God, my program of recovery, & the loving, safe support of these incredible friends, I’m confident this pregnancy could not have taken place.

To attempt to thank them & express my deep gratitude, I created for them some special & personalized gifts.

This week’s creative project: Wooden Quotation Boxes

20141023-204249-74569722.jpgI purchased unpainted wooden shadow boxes. After painting them, I gathered twigs to fit each one, printed meaningful quotations on canvas, & added hangers to each box. Using hot glue and small copper tacks, I affixed the twigs & quotations in each box.

For my friends who received these, I hope you know even a fraction of what you mean to me & how deeply you’ve blessed me and little Asher ๐Ÿ™‚



Ink Stamp Thank-You Cards (Week 48)

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thank you cardsIn the midst of family illness, pregnancy complications, and general emotional strain, I am finding I have MUCH to be grateful for these days. In this deep place of gratitude, I was finding a need to express my thanks to many.

This week’s creative project: Ink Stamp Thank-You Cards

A simple project to be sure, I purchased some blank stationary at Michael’s (on sale, yay!), a fun stamp, and anย ink pad.

First, I tested the ink & stamp. With full coverage, I set to stamping a handful of blank cards with a fun, typewriter stamp. When dry, I added a simple, handwritten “Thanks!” to each one.

Done & done ๐Ÿ™‚

Greeting Card (Week 47)

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20141007-211942-76782378.jpgMy sister is pregnant with a baby girl, & to accompany some baby gifts, I wanted to make her a special, custom greeting card.

This week’s creative project: Baby Greeting Card

I recently picked up some blank card stock & envelopes from Michaels. I then gathered up other fun supplies from my craft shelves: floral paper, twine, colored pencils, mini clothespins (aren’t these just too cute!).

I trimmed out a tiny onesie from the floral paper, strung the twine through as a clothesline, then pinned the onesie in place using the wooden pins. Super easy & now I can add a unique touch to my sister’s gifts ๐Ÿ™‚


Printing Press Shadowbox (Week 46)

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20141002-173944-63584570.jpgThe weeks grow closer to my delivery date! I’ve had a crazy, unseasonably difficult past few months; but finally, finally the “nesting” spirit (that I was feeling guilty for not experiencing!) has surfaced. I’m finding so much peace sitting in my son’s nursery, washing soon-to-be worn onesies, & yes, decorating his space with a creative touch.

This week’s creative project: Printing Press Shadowbox

My husband & I were at a craft/flea market recently & met a vendor selling printing press letters & boxes. We meticulously selected letters to spell our future baby boy’s name, Asher, & just the right box to match.

20141002-175301-64381553.jpg As is, the letters were a bit difficult to read. So I used some white stamp ink to enhance readability. Up on the nursery wall it goes!