Month: November 2014

Chapters (Week 52)

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IMG_7875-1.JPGI’m home now a week from the hospital, adjusting to a new life with a child. I won’t lie and say all is bliss or some miracle mother’s intuition kicks in & I suddenly have all the answers. No, but the mess is lovely & organic & challenges me to live one step at a time, one day at a time, to listen to my body & my baby, to treasure the joys & patiently wade through the difficulties. I strive toward kindness toward myself, my baby, my husband, my dog. While rest eludes me in this stage, I find strength in the Higher Power of my understanding & in taking a moment to breathe, pause, smile, & recall all I have to be grateful for & how far I’ve come already.

This week’s creative project: Capturing the moment

I have completed my creative recovery goal, posting a creative project each week for a year. As this chapter closes, & a new one opens, I look back over a year of the fulfillment of creating with my hands and finding encouragement all along the way. Though my posts will be less frequent this coming year, I look forward to continuing to share my creative journey of recovery with you.


My Beloved is Born (Week 51)

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IMG_7750.JPGThis week, my post is simple. There is no more astounding, no more complex, no more artful a creation than a child. I am humbled & grateful to share with you this week as I introduce my son.

This week’s creative miracle: Asher

Halloween & Pregnant (Week 50)

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Lots of fun & excitement gearing up for my baby’s arrival in a week. So, naturally, I wanted to take advantage of my round belly on the closest holiday to his birth–Halloween! I typically don’t have occasion to dress up & celebrate this holiday, but good friends in recovery invited us to a party, so my husband & I decided to attend & the pregnancy costume ideas began stewing!

This week’s creative project: Pregnancy costume, Wilson the Volleyball from “Castaway”

Easy as pie, I used a paper plate, craft paint, & raffia to create my Wilson volleyball. I used elastic craft line to tie him comfortably around my stomach. My husband was a team player & accompanied me as Tom Hanks’ character. It was a fun way to celebrate recovery with friends, creativity in costume, & silly excitement for my pregnancy figure (that isn’t always something I can enjoy or take or take pride in).

Hope you all had a happy & safe Halloween!